CoCreate also offers a completely personal and professional approach to design and re branding, we work in several ways with clients and businesses to help push their creativity and ideas to develop them into the final product.

CoCreate’s branding: our soul purpose of CoCreate is to come together to create original & unique work within our modern culture, two or more minds collaborating in Art and Design.

CC” to Co-Create, our logo is made of the CC typography within the rhombus shape otherwise known as the diamond shape, a diamond being the hardness material known to man and collectively made of multiple diamonds surrounding our most important statement “CC” (to CoCreate) signifying how powerful and strong we can be if we CoCreate together.

co create

Here’s an example of creating material from a clients idea, Garey & Kelly Hull wedding invite designed by CoCreate with the Vision of combining their tattoos, , the bird and snake scales represent the tattoos they both have on their hands.

After consultanting with Garey and kelly’s using their personality and interests Mike Philp created the idea to overlap the images in an illustrated form Creating a simplistic and eye catching wedding invite, it was Garey’s idea to give the copper effect look which with your black background it really helps set off the copper.

wedding invite

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