Straight out of the southwest coast of England, our next showcase artist has been actively developing his craft since 2009 (10 years).

GKUE’s story began when another artist’s tag appeared in his hometown. When he laid his eyes upon the complexities of the work, he knew he was instantly hooked. From that day forward, GKUE invested literally all his spare time, “outside of a bad bar job into studying and mastering Handstyle.”

After getting active with a few different names over the years, GKUE (or GQ), was the name that this dude finally landed on. The significance? None other than his grandfather’s initials.


After developing a good sense for foundational graffiti letter structures, GKUE’s skillsets eventually evolved further, and his passions led him to Calligraffiti. Inspired by artists in the space like @pokraslampas, GKUE has been determined to cultivate a truly unique steelo, in hopes to ultimately leave his own mark on the scene.

GKUE recently moved to central England, and is now adapting to big city life. In metropolitan areas like this, it’s only natural that there’s more competition… but that’s not stopping big GKUE! He’s keeping his grind 𝗵𝗲𝗮𝘃𝘆, ever motivated to continually push the limitations of his artistic boundaries.

Gkue Art

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